Ottoza Leather Mag Pouch - Double Stack Magazine Pouch No:347

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ğŸŽ–ï¸ FULL GRAIN leather pistol mag pouch is handmade using PREMIUM, HARD cow-hide leather. This handcrafted ORIGINAL, THICK leather holster is being made with upmost attention to quality and detail. ADJUSTIBLE, you can adjust your owb magazine pouch with the two screws on front side. Fits belts up to 1 & 3/4 inches.

ğŸŽ–ï¸ VEGATABLE TANNED LEATHER is the best leather type you can get. NO CHROMIUM is used during tanning this premium leather. CHROMIUM tanned leather is harmful to mags and metal surfaces. Say no to harmful leather holsters and use natural VEGATABLE TANNED leather for best mag usage for a life time.

ğŸŽ–ï¸ NATURAL - DURABLE - VEGATABLE TANNED - ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY - CHROMIUM FREE - FULL GRAIN leather is the best product that money can buy. It is more difficult to craft and work on this leather than a standart genuine leather. Ottoza full grain leather mag holder is best as a pistol magazine pouch.

ğŸŽ–ï¸ Designed to fit MOST DOUBLE STACK Magazines 9mm /.40 /.45 - Almost All Glock Magazine Holder with double stack magazines and many more ...

ğŸŽ Are you looking for a GIFT for a family member or a best friend? This leather mag holster is the right choice as an Anniversary Gift / Groomsman Gift or any Special Day Gift. Save the enviroment and your health by using vegatable tanned full grain leather. Also vegetable tanned full grain leather develops a rich and beautiful patina, and actually gets better with time and use.