Ottoza Handmade SMALL Leather Knife Sheath RIGHT Hand Knife Sheath No:126

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  • 🎖️ TOP GRAIN leather knife sheath is handmade using PREMIUM, HARD cow-hide or buffalo-hide leather. The sides of this handcrafted ORIGINAL, THICK leather has been sanded and smoothed
  • ✔️Right Hand Draw HORIZONTAL knife sheath is designed to be worn to the BACK of the belt as SCOUT CARRY
  • ✔️ BREATHING - DURABLE TOP GRAIN leather knife sheaths are best for a knife holster belt knife holder as bushcraft knife sheath - hunting knife sheath - survival knife sheath - custom knife sheath
  • 💡 Length of this leather knife sheath is 6" and total width is 2.50" 💡 Designed to fit max 4.00 inch long and max 1.30 inch wide blades 💡 This sheath can be used between 2.60 inch to 4.00 inch BLADES 💡 Knife sheath 3 inch BLADE sheath means; knife sheath 7 inch or 7.5 inch total length (approx) // Knife sheath 4 inch BLADE sheath means; knife sheath 8 inch or 9 inch total length (approx)
  • 🎁 Are you looking for a GIFT for a family member or a best friend? This leather knife sheath is the right choice as a Hunting Gift / Camping Gift / Groomsman Gift / Anniversary Gift or any Special Day Gift